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Rave Reviews for Musicville Airport!
The reviews are in and audiences are loving Encore's "Musicville Airport"! Sunrise Civic Center Theater in Sunrise, Florida.February 2016Get your copy of Musicville Airport on DVD and many more ...

written by the ENCORE Team

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JUNE 11, 2017
Township Center 
for the Performing Arts
Coconut Creek, FL

What was supposed to be 
an exciting audition day, 
for a group of young hopefuls, 
turns out to be 
more like a wild goose chase 
filled with con artists, scammers, 
phonies and frauds.
Laugh your way through 
their journey to find fame.



Just another day at Musicville Airport, 
until a nearby storm changes everything. 
Laugh out loud as the Musicville Airport staff 
attempt to provide top notch customer service 
and change the course of their lives. 


FEB. 15, 2015

2014 - Everyone wants a piece of the pie 
and the biggest slice is Musicville Café. 
Join us to see who inherits 
this historical landmark and what they do with it. 


2013 - Jessie is a full time, Musicville University,
student majoring in journalism while living with her grandparents.
We join her on the first day of her internship
at Musicville TV Studios and although she is extremely excited,
she’s a “ball of nerves.”
Despite threats of termination, throughout the day,
Jessie is willing to do whatever it takes to be a team player
and become a permanent fixture at the station.
Let Encore Performing Arts Center take you behind the scenes
to witness the hilarious shenanigans in the making of "Must See" TV.
A Guaranteed Laugh Out Loud Experience. 
Recommended for ages 5 and up. 
(approx. run time 2 1/2hrs.)

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Musicville TV (2013)
Musicville TV and original comedy written & directed by Georgette Gigi Belton, Kyla Maull and Nicole Nikki Nelson. 2013 News anchors Reese Porter (Marc Allen) and Journalisa Washington (Kaileah Hankerson) just can't stop bickering and the Station Director (Hannah Coltson) has had enough! Stylist: Jaina Aiken, Intern: Kaylah Gardner


2012 - Laugh your way through the Big City
where there's nothing you can't do
and dreams DO come true!
"Encore you all did an OUTSTANDING job today. My son and I attended the 11am show, and I never laughed so much in such a long time. Continue to keep up the awesome work. God has something in store for each and everyone of you. Be Blessed!"
Mo' Williams, CEO/Founder  
Vzion Education Foundation - Hollywood, FL
Jan 2012
"FAMOUS was phenomenal!
Von S.
Hollywood, FL
Jan 2012
"OMG the show was amazing.  The kids had a ball.  Can't wait til the next show.
Natalie W.
Boynton Beach, FL
Jan 2012


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ENCORE Kids.... Dance to SlickRick & Doug E. Fresh.... Supa Dope Moves..
ENCORE Performing Arts Center...
 A story of determination
filled with nonstop laughter!
Due to budget cuts,
schools everywhere are losing vital programs
and Musicville High is no exception.
Laugh hysterically...
as the students and faculty of Musicville High
 fight to save their performing arts department.

"Hey Yall!  If you like theatre or even if you don't you will be amazed
by this group.  The talent of these teens is amazing! 
I've gone to their performances the last two year
and I won't miss this!  The gals who write, produce and direct
these kids volunteer their time and talent to keep
local teens off the street and develop their talents. 
Please join me in supporting them by buying a ticket,
seeing the show and donating anything you have!  God Bless!"
Melanie Garbo-Bynes, Owner
Vintage Diversity, Fort Lauderdale

The foreclosure letters are piling up and Musicville Motel,
a historical landmark is in SERIOUS trouble!
 The most popular vacation destination since the 1920s
is now facing impending doom! 
Can Lester save his Grandfather's motel
will he be forced to close Musicville Motel's doors forever? 
Join Encore Performing Arts Center as we journey
from Ella Fitzgerald to Michael Jackson
in efforts to save Musicville Motel. 

It’s Audition Day...
and a talented group
of young friends
are determined to join
ENCORE Performing Arts Center
and prove they are worthy
of the stage.
Go behind the scenes
as the friends search for FAME! 
All they need is one shot…
but it won’t come easy.

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Audition Day the Mini Musical (2009)
"Audition Day the Mini Musical" an original comedy written & directed by Georgette Gigi Belton, Kyla Maull and Nicole Nelson. 2009. This scene is about two shady directors who will do and say anything to get money, even lie about getting a kids on The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Director: Hannah Coltson and Kaileah Hankerson Hopefuls: Deon Riley and Joi McCoy


It’s Christmas Eve
in the small town
of Musicville and Ms. Mabel,
a longtime Musicville resident, is preparing a big dinner
for her family.
What started out as just a few snowflakes,
turned into the worst storm Musicville had ever seen!
There would be no family in town
for Christmas dinner this year.
Just when Ms. Mabel thought she’d be all alone on Christmas…
 there was a knock at the door!
What happens next
is a MUST see!